Monday, October 11, 2010

GRĀPS Saves You Time and Money

It appears that in these difficult economic times, most school districts are facing budget cuts.  School districts across the country are attempting to implement Response to Intervention (RtI) models, while having difficulty finding the money and resources needed to sustain such an implementation initiative.  However, there are many free resources that school districts can access.  GRĀPS, a simple to use progress monitoring tool, allows users to collect, analyze and graph student progress monitoring data.  GRĀPS is free and can be found at

Many schools are currently using CBM probes to collect universal screening data or benchmark data on students. GRĀPS is a free way to monitor students' progress between the benchmarks and for schools to determine students' response to intervention by measuring their rate of improvement.  GRĀPS can also be used to predict if students are going to meet the benchmarks.  

Download GRĀPS today and let us know how you're saving time and helping students!

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